Skyler Greene is a visual alchemist, entrepreneur and multimedia artist born and raised in Marin County, California. While his camera and eyes patiently capture sensible imagery, his mind is wholly focused on curating, observing and documenting the extraordinary human experience and natural splendor. Now based out of Oakland, Skyler began his professional career in Berlin while studying creative design and the practice of studio lighting, and traditional analog photography techniques. 

Travel is the cornerstone of Skyler’s creative process; diverse visual imagery, cultural nuances and the unique characters behind his photos tell a provocative story rich with purpose and intent. His admiration of the natural world has led to the creation of an artist collaborative, Candy Mountain Collective, which works with a variety of outdoor brands, organizations, and individuals committed to preserving our planet and its resources. 

Skyler’s current focus is landscape, lifestyle, portrait and experiential marketing photography, but his ethos and vision go far beyond the modern media producer. Skyler is a spiritually driven artist committed to publishing meaningful imagery that inspires and instills splendor, love, and community.