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Marble Robotics Holiday Commercial

Marble approached me to produce a holiday promotional commercial in winter of 2018 for a PR blast around Christmas time. As producer on this shoot, I was responsible for hiring the crew (director, camera operator, lighting gaffer, motional graphics artist, and colorist) as well as location scouting, and sourcing talent in and around Incline Village, Nevada.


Lead With Love Leadership Summit

In Autumn of 2018, I worked with Lead With Love, a conscious leadership organization to manage and direct their team of content creators for the Aspen leadership summit. My chief responsibilities were to hand off a comprehensive delivery including all photography, video, and audio captured live during the event from a team of 15 content creators. To do this I assigned shot list items and sponsorship assignments in a flow from capture, edit, to delivery live to the client during the event.



Working together with Chef Maximilian Jack, I produce a series of pop-up restaurants in San Francisco. My roles and responsibilities include producing photography, designing the website, handling ticket sales and back end operation of the event.


Candy Mountain Collective

Candy Mountain Collective is a group of adventurous visual artists and producers who use photography, filmmaking, and event production to tell stories and connect communities.

As creative director and producer, I have a heavy hand in all of our film productions. This includes creating decks and pitching projects to booking talent, planning out shoot days and managing client expectations. The teams we work on vary between a crew of three and fifteen souls.



SkyFish is a small festival-like production which revolves largely around themes of music, nature, and human interaction. We seek to explore these themes through a spiritual and academic mind – experimenting by pushing the bounds of transformational festivals in an intimate setting.